Enon and Non- Enon Scholarship Resources 

Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church has three (3) scholarship programs and a stipend program to provide resources and opportunities for the youth of Enon in preparation for their next steps beyond high school.  Details are listed below:

I.   Enon Reinvestment Scholarship:  Awarded to 3 high school graduates, valued at $20,000 each, after the completion of a 4 year application process

Enon Reinvestment Scholarship Distribution Process

HS Graduating Class 2018

Scholarship Information Packet 2018 Tracking Year 4
Scholarship Information Packet 2018 Tracking Year 2
Scholarship Information Packet 2018 Tracking Year 1

HS Graduating Class 2019

Scholarship Information Packet 2019 Tracking Year 3

Scholarship Information Packet 2019 Tracking Year 1

HS Graduating Class 2020

Scholarship Information Packet 2020 Tracking Year 2

HS Graduating Class 2021

Scholarship Information Packet 2021 Tracking Year 1


Enon Reinvestment Fund Disbursement Questions & Answers

II.  Enon Arcadia Scholarship:  Awarded to 2 students attending Arcadia University, valued at 4-year tuition coverage

Arcadia-Enon Scholarship Process
Arcadia-Enon Scholarship Application see attached Arcadia Application

III.  Enon Donor Sponsored Scholarships:  Over 50 scholarships in various amounts, for Freshman through Doctoral students and Private Elementary School students, sponsored by Enon members and ministries in memory of their beloved. 

 2017 Graduate and Doctoral Scholarship App

 2017 Undergraduate College Students Scholarship App

 2017 K-8 Tuition-Based Scholarship App

 2017 High School Senior Disabilities Scholarship App 

 2017 High School Seniors Scholarship App

IV.  Other Support:  Bi-annual stipends for all undergraduate students and other scholarship information [this includes stipend application, outside scholarships information.

Fall 2017 STIPEND/Care Package Application 

Summer Science Program - Click Here to Download

  High School Students

     Step Up to College Info
     Consider Community College
     STEM Workshop - Learn Programming
     Alpha Phi Alpha Scholarship
     Summer Scholarship at Carnegie      

College Undergraduate Students

     Reason to Visit with College Reps
     Questions to Ask College Reps
     Villanova Minority Scholarship 
     2016-2017 Paid Assistantship Opportunity
     Summer Internship at CHOP
     2017 Spring Stipend Care Package Application
College Graduate Students
     2016-2017 Paid Assistantship Opportunity

Additional Non-Enon Scholarship Resources


For more information contact the scholarship ministry by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone at 215-276-7200 ext.3737. Visit our Ed Support page for scholarship information for students grades K - 12.


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